Creative Data Services.

Specialising in creating static, motion & interactive graphics derived from data.

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“Dynamic data visualisation has been a common thread to all our projects providing our clients with innovative web applications.”

Creative director | drawtag limited

 About drawtag limited...

Specialising in creative data services (what exactly does that mean?)

We're particularly passionate about delving into your data sets (alongside any ancilliary data) to help you better understand its meaning. We tell compelling stories in an expressive and interactive manner by visualising your data.

We equally understand and select the most appropriate channel(s) through which to express your stories and messages. Types of channels and the most appropriate media can vary considerably between and within different sectors and regions. At drawtag, the primary element for us to consider, understand and work with, is always the data.

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 Some recent short stories...

  The creative story

For a number of years we've had the pleasure of working with ifina, a ‘top flight’ fund administration firm based in the UK with several additional offices throughout the world.

  The data story

Initially we created the new brand identity, with an accompanying computational spirograph style graphic. These elements were quick to establish the foundations of the new ifina brand presence which manifested across many forms of marketing channels and materials.

  The creative story

As new technologies continue to disrupt the established publishing workflows, Spectra approached us to create a new, cloud-based publishing application that manages complex fund data.

  The data story

At the applications core is a complex data model that surrounds the fund and sub-fund reporting industry. Visualised as individual spheres to provide not only the logotype /branding but also the navigation within the application alongside many visual clues within the UI / UX.

  The creative story

Wineitude’s mission was to “empower the customer with knowledge and provide them with the access to global wines that they would struggle to locate anywhere else”.

  The data story

For every wine, detailed data is tagged from tasting notes through to grape longitude and latitude references. The customer can then monitor his palette preferences. These global taste journeys can be compared over time or mapped against others within the Wineitude community.

  The creative story

Mobile Video Multicasting, a new and exciting opportunity for CAPmedia was made possible by a mixture of new venue technologies connecting to consumer's smart phones and tablet devices.

  The data story

CAPmedia are hoping their innovative Mobile Multicasting will help transform both the spectator's experience and the venue’s commercial model in the near future. The intention is to build individual ‘Wi-Fi bubbles’ that allow fans to view up to 32 live streaming TV channels on their smartphones.

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